Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Modern Man

When I was little, men were heroes. Sir Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tensing conquered Everest. Shackleton rescued his entire crew in the Antarctic. But today ? . . . nope, can't think of any. The age of women has arrived. My extensive research ( several evenings telly watching ) has confirmed this. As a woman you can look ten years younger or learn how to dress better, but men, well you can be trained the same way a dog can ( by a woman, of course ). I blame comedy programmes. While you are laughing, their insidious message seeps slowly in. Men are a bit silly really we are told. Single men live like slobs of course and are obsessed with sex. If you marry one you can stop all that nonsense but he will probably feed catfood to the kids, lose your invalid mother somewhere and then hang out all your washing upside down. You can try giving instructions of course but do not expect them to be carried out correctly, even if you did have his attention when speaking. If you are a woman try dropping down about a foot and looking back up, you should meet his eyes then. But, like switching on to National Geographic by mistake, I can feel a change coming. The time is right - Mens Liberation is coming and you had better be prepared. At least with a gasmask for when the boxers and y-fronts start burning.
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