Saturday, 23 May 2009


Saturday 5.23pm

Nobody wants to die. Some of us do so far too early, some linger on beyond their time. But no matter what, death is inevitable. It is the natural order of things, and without death would we know what life was?

Immortality should be life without death. The gods have it and evil super villains constantly strive for it and yet as befits something an evil person would lust after, it is cursed. You may be immortal but as the villains soon discover you do not escape death for it constantly taunts you - everyone around you will eventually die.

Most of my life so far I have shared with various cats. I remember and miss everyone of them. A small glimpse of what immortality would hold perhaps. So no, immortality is not for me. What I hope for is that death comes for me when the time is right, when I am ready for it.

The photo is Ranna.

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