Thursday, 16 July 2009

Give us the gift

Thursday 8.57pm

I like to watch people. When I am walking, when I am driving I look at the people around me. Especially those in cars. There is a kind of separation from the world when you are inside a car, insulated somehow. And so when I watch people in cars it is as if they do not see me, they are completely caught up in their own worlds.

As I watch there is always one question on my mind - what are they thinking? I mean is it the same as me or different? But of course I realize that is one thing I will never know, how could I?

Or so I thought. But then came twitter. An application where people can share with the rest of the world what is on their mind as it happens, any time day or night. This would give me new insights, I could even find out what goes on inside the heads of famous people, world leaders even . . .

And what did I learn? . . . Well not a lot really. It is a bit like sitting on a bus or train, you hear these sometimes tanatalising snippets of conversation but have no idea really what they are talking about.

Ah well, back to the real world I suppose.

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