Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Roast tomato sauce

Wednesday 4.15pm

Keriann has sent me a recipe for roast tomato sauce, which I have not tried yet but will soon ( Nicola’s tomato crop is ripening like crazy at the moment ) In the meantime here is a quick and easy roast tomato sauce that I make quite often. Great for tomatoes in the fridge that have just gone past their best.

Put the oven on to its hottest.

- Then in an oven proof bowl put –

- a handful of tomatoes, cherry left whole, bigger ones cut into chunks

- a clove of garlic peeled and squashed

- a bunch of thyme

- and salt and pepper

Mix a tablespoon or so of olive oil through and bung in the oven.

Twenty minutes to half an hour later when the tomato skins are blackening and the kitchen smells like a Mediterranean holiday, take the bowl out and push the whole lot through a sieve into another bowl.

Makes a great soup mixed with carrot soup or with pasta it becomes more of a coating or glaze than a sauce. It would also make a cool salad dressing I should think with some lemon juice added perhaps.

Talking of pasta I used to always add it to spaghetti when I did most of the cooking and Nicola worked. Later on, when positions were reversed the kids asked – why does mum’s plain pasta not taste the same as peter’s ? It is an idea if you worry about such things as why kids don’t eat vegetables ( I don’t )

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Mirror

Sunday 3.21pm

Isn’t it funny how you can make a decision and everything changes instantly, like a pebble rippling a pond. Or rather everything does not change but I change, and that changes everything, because the world around us exists, is created in our heads.

And isn’t it fragile this world I create, because I have discovered that what hurts the most, what hurts so much that my reaction is to run away or just turn my back and deny its existence, withdrawing into myself to hide, warily watching it while I rebuild my world around it. What hurts the most ? Simply . . . . The Truth. But not my own truth, no, someone elses.

The picture is the view from inside Napier Airport - I know what I see, but what about these others.

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