Thursday, 5 March 2009

Morning light

Thursday 11am

Mornings and evenings, these are my favourite times of the day. Especially mornings. There is something about the light at this time that entrances me. I think it is the softness of it as the sun just comes up and gently caresses the world below, waking it tenderly as a lover or a mother would her child. It is officially Autumn here now and there is a chill in the air that makes the morning light even more special as I feel its warmth soaking into me through the cold.

Colours are different at this time as well, more saturated, more intense, but with a softness about them that is so relaxing just to gaze at. Later on the sun will be much hotter and bleach everything harshly flat and still but evening will gradually arrive as it does completing the cycle in a different but just as beautiful conclusion as it ushers in the nightfall.

Life is never dull when you can see and feel . . . .

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