Friday, 12 September 2008

The tree of happiness

Tuesday 7.20am

Nicola has tagged me with this meme - "The tree of happiness" I have to list six things that make me happy. So, in reverse order here they come.

6. Cats. If you know me at all you'll know that I love everything about cats, even the furballs. I'd quite like to be a cat.

5. The Clangers. Computer animation is all very well, but these are shows that have a soul. And a beautifully innocent one at that.

4. Rain. There is nothing better than sitting by the fire or lying in bed listening to the sound of the rain falling outside. And talking of outside, between working inside, being inside at home and driving between them I don't spend much time there. It is great just to walk outside and get wet for a change.

3. You'll have to look had to find this one, buried as it is under a deep layer of grumpiness but it is my family. Having lived the single life for more than thirty years, family life is actually pretty cool.

2. But this one is very much on the surface, it's Nicola of course, who makes things happen.

1. Birdsong. Especially the dawn and evening chorus. Hearing this brings on such a peacefull happiness that it is almost worth getting up at six o'clock in the morning just to hear it.

Of course as I now have two blogs Nicola has tagged me twice the food inspired set are here.

And . . . . I get to nominate the next person, so it is Swallowtail who always seems happy with the world around her. Better go and tell her now . . . .

And on my other blog it is Jo who gets the short straw.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Changing things

Sunday 7.30am

In a way similar to Pherenike and also in this post, over the last four months or so I have been trying to get more organised, to find time for the things I enjoy and also to get my finances tamed. Because you know it doesn't matter how long you keep your head in the sand, the bills are always their when you look up and also, contrary to popular belief I am all grown up now and should be able to do these things.

I love self help books and this site has helped my keep on track and I feel I am doing quite well. But having been finally forced to think ahead it occurred to me that this planning and changing things to suit ourselves is what defines us as a species. Most animals seem more accepting and work with what is around them but the human race? if we are not happy we change it. But is it for the better? Not for the planet as a whole, that's for sure, although it will survive us. And not for ourselves either. I feel a change in attitude is required, we need to step outside our human centred view of things, to take our heads out of the sand and look at the bigger picture. I feel confident because a lot of people already do of course and in myself I feel the connection to the world is always just under the surface.

There is an election here soon and although I don't know much about politics I would like to vote for a party that stands outside of all the petty posturing and name calling that has been going on lately. A party that does take a wider view of things and is working for a change in our attitude to the world as a whole.

Picture is of the Beehive courtesy of Nicola.

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