Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dancing with Death

When I die I would like to be ready. Ready to dance away hand in hand with death, eager to experience whatever may come next.

And to be able to dance whatever way I want to, free finally of all the inhibitions and later recriminations that have been such a part of my life so far.

Life is never dull when there are still classic movies to watch . . .

Oh, and as an afterthought - The photo above has entranced me for years since I first saw it in the Childrens Brittanica (what we had instead of Google in the dark ages). Yet I have never seen the film. But with all the predictions of the end of the world lately the photo popped up again during a discussion with my son about predictions. And they have a copy of The Seventh Seal in the library, so I now have it at home and I'm finally ready to watch it . . .

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