Sunday, 26 October 2008

Secrets and Truths

Sunday 9.34am

Seems I stood still too long and got tagged by Jo. I have to reveal six previously unknown things about myself. This is difficult because most of what I am is on the surface anyway and any stray thoughts that pop into my head will fall straight down and out of my mouth. Actually this is probably the place to start with . . . .

No 1 - I cannot keep a secret. If you do not want anybody to know, don't tell me because I'll bring it up again at the most embarrassing moment. Oh, and if we are in a restaurant don't say (women are good at this), don't say " don't look, but you see that man behind you . . . " because I will look and I'll probably stare as well!

No 2 - In college I was top of my group in wire bending. (with pliers that is, not my mind)

No 3 - I do not believe in science, I think it is just another way of looking at the world and has got way above itself being worshiped almost like another religion. Science your time is nearly over and in the future we will view the world in a completely different way.

No 4 - I cannot handle dirty plates being left lying around. If we eat in front of the telly, I have to take my plate back to the kitchen rather than put it on a table or the floor. This is handy for everybody else because I have to clear their plates away as well.

No 5 - I like cats to come into our bedroom but not televisions, (no, not even if there is a programme about cats on - you cannot fool me)

No 6 - I do not drink spirits. I drink gallons of tea and living in Hawkes bay drink a lot of wine ( it is compulsory ) but my most favourite drink of all, at the end of a days work is beer and in particular Deuchars IPA. You cannot get it here but Founders Tall blonde is a good substitute - drink some now.

and No 6a - I have mentioned this to Kathy already but the toilet roll has to have the loose end coming down the back of the roll as you look at it.

Now to tag another couple of people ( it should be six but I cannot be bothered ), Nicola of course even though she is a bit miffed at me being tagged before her, Kerrian of course, although she'll be frantically sewing at the moment for the upcoming Holly Hospice extravaganza thingy and will hate me for it.

I am supposed to post the rules as well but you know what they are . . .

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