Thursday, 18 December 2008

Lying down

Thursday 8.19am

Having been so tired lately I have learnt to really appreciate one thing in my life - lying down. Gravity is all around us. It seems we do not know what it is, only that it is there always in the background quietly pulling at our bodies. It takes energy to stand up against gravity, energy that normally I would not notice but at the moment I feel I have hardly enough to stand let alone function through the day. Adrenaline gets me through of course, but I can only produce so much of that and to get to the end of the day and finally just let go is such a blissful feeling.

You have to lie down properly to really appreciate it. Sit down, stretch your legs out, and then roll your back down to the ground stretching it as you do so. Your arms should rest palms up beside you, slightly away from your body. And just let go, relax. Of course my body is never completely relaxed at this point. All those little muscles that have been under strain all day supporting me are not quite sure they can let go. I can feel them jumping as they let go a little to see what happens and then tense up again immediately. But gradually the twitching stops as everything finally lets go and surrenders. To gravity.

Perhaps there should be a society for this - SELD, the society for the enjoyment of lying down. We could have classes and mass public lie downs, the world would change.

But then again all that would take energy, just the thought of it is tiring me out. I think I will go and lie down now . . . .

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