Thursday, 3 April 2008

Dream big

Thursday 8.07pm

We have some guinea pig babies. Our youngest has been pestering his teacher to allow him to bring them in and show the class and this week she finally relented, and so today was the big day. This morning we bundled mother and three babies into a straw and hay filled cardboard box ready to go. Now it seems guinea pigs are quite highly strung and loud noises can easily (and literally) frighten them to death. So the instructions to youngest child were that the lid stays shut until everybody in the class is gathered together and quiet. Of course as soon as we arrived with a closed cardboard box every child that came past wanted to know what was in it. Eventually I got tired of telling them and made them guess. “ What is in the box ? “ says one small girl. “ Ah, you’ll have to guess” say I. She looked at the box. “ This is a clue “ says I again pointing to one of the pieces of straw sticking out around the lid. She looked again, then her eyes widened as she said with amazement “ A pony ! ”

I so hope she never loses that attitude, it is one we should all have – dream big.

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