Monday, 21 July 2008

Caught Between Heaven and Earth

Sunday 9.49am

Six thirty in the morning and I am outside in my pyjamas. The grass is sodden, chilling my feet as they sink in and the air has that wet coldness that goes straight to your bones, bypassing any flesh. It has been raining for a day and a night but has stopped now. All is still apart the dripping of the trees. Looking across, far, far to my right is the distant brightness of dawn. Above me the towering clouds still boil and churn with the last of the rain, whilst below me I can feel the earth, vast, solid, supporting. Caught as I am, pinioned between these two great forces I should not be able to move - and yet I can, sliding down and sideways into my morning exercise. Tai chi.

Finished, I stand again, just a few minutes later and in a different place. And there has been a change. I look to the distant dawn again, expectantly this time for that is where I am headed. No matter how black things look or what is against me, I can use that to move away to where I want to be.

The first step is to see.

Life is never dull when you have a vision.
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