Sunday, 8 July 2007

In search of snow

Sunday 7.30pm

Our youngest, the seven year old, has been missing snow since we left Northumberland, and Nicola and I have had an urge to visit some mountains lately, so today off we went. In true explorer style, after gazing blankly at a roadmap we went out the front door, got in the car, drove to the end of the road, had a look at where the mountains had snow on, and drove in that direction. Stopped at New World supermarket for emergency rations - crisps, cheese, chocolate and coke then off again. Three quarters of an hour later and we are close. The road is now just gravel and scarily narrow, and we have not seen another car for ages. We stop, Nicola wants to take another picture. I get out of the car and in spite of my youngest indulging in his latest hobby - shouting at sheep, what strikes me is the silence. Yes, there are the birds and a light wind but no cars, no music, no people. We are close, I can smell it, feel it on the air, this is where I need to be just now. We continue. Through gates and a field of sheep and just as the road becomes a mere scrape in the ground it ends in a small group of parked cars. The forest trails begin here and we must walk. Mind you we might as well have been wearing miniskirts and red stillettos, such was the appropriateness of our clothing compared with the trampers coming towards us. But they are very friendly, this is New Zealand after all, saying hello and yes it is only ten minutes to the first hut so we go that far. There is no snow, we are still too low, but it is all worth it. I love the quiet places, in the countryside, and in my mind, and here both come together. I have arrived.

Sometimes everything just comes together just right.

More about art

Sunday 4am

While everyone can draw, you have to want to do it. And I think that depends on your personality type. We are all a mixture of course, but often one type seems to predominate. Like I said I am arty - I have to draw, and if I cannot or do not, the urge to do so becomes stronger and stronger and I begin to feel frustrated and trapped but do not know why. Other people are more gregarious. They love to talk, are good company, they remember your name and birthday, but paint a picture ? why would you want to do that when you can go out and buy one ? My middle son is like that. Recently he was ill and stuck at home and while I can quite happily spend hours alone, he wandered aimlessly around the house, complaining of boredom but really just looking for someone to talk to. Some people are musical, some are sporty and express themselves through touch and the physical side of things. Having written this it seems to be all to do with the senses, so there must be people out there who work through taste and smell - the cooks and wine buffs amongst us. I know we each have different learning styles as well - visual, auditory, spacial etc which goes with the above and if you learn in the way that suits your style you will learn much easier and faster. But if you want to try something outside of your natural abilities, why not ? - just go for it. People will laugh, the teacher may ask you to leave, but so what, that is more a reflection on them than you and once you have had a go you can continue or do something else. Ballroom dancing, that is what I would like to try. I wonder where Nicola left her shinpads and safety boots . . . . . .
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