Sunday, 2 November 2008

Oceans and Streams

Sunday 8.49am

Oh I used to dream of oceans and streams
Flowing and growing strong
Where have all

Those days gone

My soul is a river that flows through me. Lately it has been sluggish and some what silted up. i am constantly tired and yet the more sleep I have the tireder I become. My dreams and aspirations are still there but are now specks on the horizon, a long leaden footed walk away. I can get no joy from the people around me, all I see are more problems to be solved, more work to do. I feel taken for granted, overwhelmed by it all.

But of course it is not like that really. Everybody is the same as normal - it is my view of the world that has become distorted. I am not good when my routines get disrupted, especially if I get no time to myself.

And at the moment the house is full of builders . . . . . .

But I am making time right now as I write this, and can already feel the flow deep within me beginning again.

The picture is of the creek at the bottom of our garden, courtesy of Nicola,
the words at the beginning are from "Oceans and Streams" by the Black Keys
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