Sunday, 18 May 2008


Sunday 9.39am

Having watched a few episodes of Kitchen Nightmares I am reading Gordon Ramsay’s book “Playing with Fire” just now, and am really enjoying it. As an entertaining biography, a self help book, and a business book it works on several levels. Far from being the swearing bully he was portrayed as by the media some years ago, he actually cares, has been there and knows his stuff –he is certainly inspiring me at the moment.

This particular sentence jumped out at me –

“Finding great talent, looking after staff and nurturing their talent is what we do well. Losing good people is symptomatic of only one thing: truly crap, appalling and abysmal management. “

I mean if you pay so little attention to those working for you that you do not know they are unhappy, that they see no future with you, and then when they leave it comes as a complete surprise - what does that say about you.

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