Monday, 18 June 2007


Well actually not dirt because it is all clean but tattiness - cracked things, flooring not stuck down, exposed pipes in badly fitting mountings with several layers of lumpy emulsion on top. They are all clean but do not look it. The bathroom has a bath in the middle of the floor with tons of space round it. The sort of bathroom you could eat a cadburies flake in. Look in any design magazine and this is one type of bathroom people really want. You put an old fasioned cast iron bath in the middle, pipes are exposed but polished copper and brass or enclosed in a chromed pedestle and that is it, finished, apart from Helena Bonham-Carter and the chocolate ( I know it wasn't her in the adverts ). And what is here ? a plastic bath, boxed in with some sort of cracked melamine boarding and aluminium edging strips, yuck. I have noticed that as long as the materials are hard wearing ( so no plastic ) it is where they join that tends to wear out and look rough. A porcelain sink or bath is fine but stick it to the wall with silicone rubber that soon peels and stains and your beautifull woman has called a taxi. And if all this sounds a bit sexist just pick an All Black or two and put him in the shower and you will get what I mean.


Nicola said...

I would like to know why you imagined Helena Bonham-Carter in the bath!!!!!

Peter said...

because she reminds me of you dear

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