Sunday, 17 June 2007

London Heathrow. 6am.

First impressions.

It is all a bit grey and grubby compared to Auckland and HongKong. They were clean and shiny.
The people are grey as well, nobody smiles and nobody makes eye contact except for a buddhist nun and a couple of lesbians holding hands. I can see that they are all people just like me but closed down and smaller somehow. This is the city of course, this is how you live. Look at the ground or where you are going, have your bag close where you can see it especially when sitting, keep inward looking in your own thoughts and world, do not get involved. There are people laughing and smiling but again cocooned in their own worlds with barriers up to keep everybody else out. Ask a question and the response is friendly and helpfull but still quick and guarded - get it over fast and get back into your own world where it is safe and predictable. Looking around the people sitting I can get responses - a look returned, a half smile in response to my own, but also attitude and a sort of unsure defensive aggression especially from teenage boys in groups. There are none here, it is too early and you need a boarding card to be here, but I have seen it on the street elsewhere.

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