Sunday, 17 June 2007

Flying to Edinburgh

Britain is very flat. Not flat like glass but rounded and smooth like a newly made bed. And old. Old as in worn down over time. New Zealand on the other hand looks new, more like a piece of paper that you have crumpled and spread out again, all sharp edges and flat planes. Have just flown past the lake district. At least I think it was - the lakes were there but the mountains I remember have gone, replaced by small hills. Now Edinburgh is coming past and it is tiny. Absolutely beautiful - green spaces,trees, old sandstone buildings but a lot smaller than I remember. Must be the way that the forest you played in as a child turns out to be a small row of bushes when you return grown up. " the world just keeps getting bigger once you get out on your own " as Tom waits said. The places are all still the same but my perceptions have changed. Travelling round the world and seeing how big it really is has also expanded my own horizons. It is true what they say - how we see the world is decided by us, we create the world we live in. And it can be changed - anything is possible, you just have to believe.
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